How Does A Botnet Infect Your Computer Device? – Semalt

Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that botnet infections are rampant among the personal computers, specifically in China and the United States. While some botnets have only a few hundred devices, others can spiral into millions of machines worldwide. Botnets aim to trick users to download suspicious programs or viruses and force them to click an affiliate links or videos that might be infected with more dangerous malware. It then acts as the Trojan horse and lets the hackers gain access to your data and private information. The hackers also use your personal computer to perform a variety of tasks and perpetrate crimes, frauds, and online mischief.

Apple to launch iPhone 7 in India the US at the one go

Tim Cook’s visit to India may have paid off supplementary than people were expecting. According to the source, Apple will launch the next iPhone 7 in India at the same time as most major markets like the US and the UK, who is in proximity to the launch planning.

In India, Apple loses major of its initial sales push to the Grey market imports, or to people purchasing the iPhone overseas. Apple wants to cut this down by launching at the same time as the major markets. India is one of the strongest growing smartphone markets in the world and Apple sees the large potential in the market.

Dual Pixel Technology as Explained in Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung revealed its leading Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones at the MWC 2016 on Sunday. The newest flagship devices came bearing pretty much similar looking design language as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, while the main improvements resided within the devices themselves. Among the bumped up specs, one new technology that grabbed everyone’s attention was the new Dual Pixel technology employed in the rear camera.

U.S. FTC in talking terms with Apple over health data protection

Apple’s new Health app – and the HealthKit platform that lets other companies’ health and activity-tracking apps bond into it – was one of the big new features in its iOS 8 software, which was launched recently.

Health is talented of collecting, storing and analyzing a range of personal data, but there are clear privacy implications here – for Apple and any company involved in this space, from Google and Microsoft to the growing number of smaller fitness-focused app and device makers.

Facebook to take on LinkedIn and Google Drive at Work

Will Facebook be stretching into your working life soon?

Facebook is now into deeper calculation and is planning control the social graph of 1.3 billion people, but now it has ambitions to stretch deeper into the workplace, according to the Financial Times’ report on plans for “Facebook at Work”.

This isn’t about getting around corporate firewalls to safeguard you can see which Frozen character your friends are, though. It’s a proper move to compete with services from Google Drive and LinkedIn to Slack, and become a serious working tool.

Amazon Built a Tool That Puts Alexa in Your Browser

Amazon built Alexa personal assistant which is super useful in the Echo and it is lot of fun to use. But if you don’t have an Echo or can’t purchase one because you’re not in the US, it can be hard to gain Alexa’s skill set. In this plight, Amazon has created an App that lets you play with Alexa right in your browser.

To access the app, please go to and it will let you ask Alexa all kinds of questions. What it doesn’t let you experience is the always listening nature of the Echo device and its far field microphone array — you have to click and hold a button on the site before you speak to it. That makes it closer to the experience you get with the Amazon Tap than the Echo itself.