Latest android app development trends to look for in the year 2017

Latest android app development trends to look for in the year 2017

The mobile application industry is continuously experiencing dynamic changes in terms of technical perspective. Mobile market is getting swelled with devices consisting varied hardware configuration. Mobile app is the fundamental element behind this ongoing mobile revolution and has intensified user-engagement with the device.

Google is endeavoring hard to eliminate the rising disintegration issue and is actively working to fetch highly qualified android developers in the arena of mobile app development. Now the question is what type of trends would be reinforced to issue an altogether new face to android app development process. Here we explore the latest movements which when embraced by the developers can help them to deliver creative mobile application to their clients.

High-level security

We are excessively surrounded with unlimited number of mobile apps and customers don’t expect even a single more app. What they truly desire in the existing app is next-level security to avoid their personal data from getting breached. As per the sources, 50% of the financial transactions would be conducted through Smartphone’s. This increases the probability of cyber attacks and data thefts which none of us desire to happen.

Due to weak encryption methodology, android is not primarily preferred by businesses. Leniency in app publication has opened up the gates for unauthorized access into Google Play without any obstacles. To counteract this situation, Google introduced container security solutions for gadgets operating on android.

Rapid mobile app development

The demand for business apps is steadily increasing, wherein the vendors are finding hard to keep themselves abreast with it. A group of giant IT corporate introduced the concept of ‘citizen developer’ making it the prime source for all the latest development related trends. Implementation of drag and drop functionality in app development has simplified the coding process. This development approach has attracted many amateur coders to try their hand in the arena of app development.

Integration of Payment Service

 It is expected that by the end of 2018, mobile based transactions would cross the mark of $100 billion. Google has set a strong footprint in mobile e-commerce by launching Google Wallet and Android Pay service. To enhance the payment gateway integration, Google is collaborating with various recognized payment processors like Braintree, Cybersource and others to improve service integration. Seamless payment transaction is what every customer desire. It has been observed that many new merchants are adapting this mobile payment system so as to increase the number of customers and beat their competitors.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Heavy investment by corporate in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has surpassed the mark of $1 billion in the first half of this year. The bold example about augmented reality is the recently launched location-based game named Pokemon GO, which integrates the real-life objects in the game. Android operating system is the primary choice for developers aspiring to build games based on AR, due to the convenient API (Application Programming Interface), surface holder functions and graphics.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It has been proclaimed by tech geeks that around 20 billion devices would be interconnected across the globe. This counts to 6 live device per each individual. The type of connected device includes wearable gadget, smart refrigerators, mobile phones, cars etc. Mobile application is the core processor behind the functioning of each connected devices. For the development of successful IoT app, a team of experienced and skilled developers with engineering background becomes indispensable.

Wearable technology

Healthcare professionals were the only one who use to gain the big advantage of wearable devices. However, this trend is completely altered with the launch of new wearable meant to serve the daily routine activities. These wearable gadgets can synchronize with the mobile devices for data transfer. The new wearable devices are powered with sensitive sensors to synchronize the gadget with the application installed in the mobile phone.

Heavy exercise on UX

The UX designing of the app is the fundamental component responsible behind the success of an app in the market. Users are fond of app which imparts high-definition and scalable screens. The demand for better UX experience is on rise due to the launch of massive new devices. When the topic is about UX, iOS app development is meant to perform better than android. The user engagement is increased if the graphics of the app is of high quality. App with high graphics is highly appreciated by the users. To design a quality rich mobile application, experienced graphics designers role come into play.


Consistent improvements are observed in the industry of android application development to deliver unique and customer-centric solutions. Users are highly prone to use apps which come loaded with advanced functionalities and eye-catching cool graphics. Keeping a close eye on all this trends helps the developers to excel their coding capabilities which lead them to the development of feature-rich and quality app. you can also check indian companies to hire android app developers.

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