Semalt: How To Block Websites On Chrome With 4 Extensions

Semalt: How To Block Websites On Chrome With 4 Extensions

Blocking websites can be a useful measure for a variety of internet users. There are many ways through which people block websites on their computers. For instance, people modify file hosts on machines to make them redirect to unknown URLs. Other people use specified DNS servers which have built-in parental control firewalls. In some applications, you may want to block some websites at the browser level. There are numerous ways through which you can block websites from your browser, most of which involve extensions.

In this SEO article, Igor Gamanenko, a top expert from Semalt, provides here some of the Chrome browser extensions which can make you block websites include:

1. Personal Blocklist (by Google)

This addon can cause a browser to block websites right from the search query answers. Personal Blocklist Extension is made by Google company, which signifies the validity of its effect. Once you install this extension, you can be able to block a website right from the search results of that particular website. You can make a list of the domains and sites you wish to block from the Google SERPs. To manage these sites, you can click the Personal Blocklist extension and remove the websites available on your blocklist.

2. Block Site

This extension helps a user block a specific list of the websites you need to block. Unlike Personal Blocklist extension, you have to manually add the websites which you are planning g to block from their view. This extension has a password which can put in child lock. You can prevent unnecessary usage from here. Once installed, you can manage the Block Site Extension by clicking its icon on the screen. You can set redirects or even uninstall it from here.

3. StayFocusd

This Chrome extension blocks some websites by enabling you to set your session duration. For instance, you can set the amount of time you need to spend on a particular site. This addon also makes it possible to create a list of the websites you want to block. You can use the Nuclear option to block website access completely.

4. tinyFilter

This tool comes for free. It offers numerous website monitoring services on the internet. TinyFilter can help a user block offensive content from showing up on a computer’s browser. There is also a password to lock down the firewalls as well as parental control aspects of the browser. You can restrict access to this addon using the password, limiting the parties who can configure it. Form its options menu; you can click its browser icon to manage the blocked website manually.


You can get in control of your browser access using numerous ways. One of the most effective ways of governing your Chrome browser is through extensions. Browser extensions like Block Site help to restrict the access of some URLs from your browser. For instance, you can make a list of the websites you do not want to visit. It is also possible to automate some passwords on these extensions to prevent children from making exclusions. This SEO article can help you install the best chrome addon to control the website access in your Chrome browser.

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