Bollywood Actors Tiger Shroff Workout and Diet

Bollywood Actors Tiger Shroff Workout and Diet

Tiger Shroff, one of the fittest actors of Bollywood, idolizes Bruce Lee and is trained in martial arts. Tiger is passionate about working out and hits the gym regularly without a break. He also plays football and practices kickboxing and gymnastics to chisel his physique. Let’s have a look at Tiger Shroff’s workout routine and the diet plan

He does martial arts, parkour, weight training and has a treadmill in his roomthat he uses every morning.He runs for 45 minutes, that gets his blood flowing and body warmed up for the next activity, which is probably some martial arts or gymnastics training in the morning.
Post that, he comes home and eats his lunch and then goes to the gym.
He does different body parts on different days. And then the next day, instead of doing martial arts in the morning, he dances.

His 3 go to exercises are the deadlift, the free weight squat and the bench press.
He works out seven days a week focusing on different body parts.

Monday – Back

12 sets of pull-ups
4 sets of lateral machine pull-downs
12 sets of low and one-arm dumbbell rolls

Tuesday – Chest

12 sets of flat bench
12 sets of incline bench
12 sets of dumbbell press
12 sets of chest flies

Wednesday – Legs

4 sets of squats
4 sets of hamstrings curls
4 sets of step-ups with
4 sets of barbells
4 sets of free squats

Thursday – Arms

12 sets of Olympic barbell curls
12 sets of dumbbell curls
12 sets of reverse curls
12 sets of close grip barbell presses
12 sets of press downs
12 sets of skull crushers

Friday – Shoulders

12 sets of knee and shoulder press
12 sets of military press
6 sets of lateral raises
6 sets of lateral raises
12 sets of rear flies


12 sets of dead lifts
12 sets of squats
12 sets of kneel and press
12 sets of plyometric push-ups

Sunday – Abs

12 sets of crunches
12 sets of hanging reverse crunches
12 sets of 10 kg weight loaded reverse crunches
12 sets of standing and seated calf presses

His diet depends on the film he’s filming. For films like Baaghi or Rambo, he had to put on some muscle, so would eat a lot more, he would just increase his calorie intake.

This is what his meals usually look like:
Breakfast : 8 egg whites; oatmeal.
Snack : Dry fruits; whey shake.
Lunch : Brown rice with chicken or fish; boiled vegetables.
Snack : Protein shake. This is the meal before gymnastics class, so he keeps it light.
Dinner : Fish; green beans or broccoli.

For abs like his, he advises to cut out the carbs when the sun sets. If you don’t have sugar and all the starchy carbs and stuff, and stick to just protein and vegetables, you will be fine.

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