Hrithik Roshan Fitness Mantra, Workout & Diet

Hrithik Roshan Fitness Mantra, Workout & Diet

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most inspiring actors in the industry when it comes to fitness. During his 15 years in the industry, his physique’s graph has always climbed further up.
This handsome hunk of Bollywood with his chiselled body and Greek God looks has a body to die for. And, the actor takes all the efforts to maintain his looks. Hrithik has been training with Kris Genthin, a world-renowned fitness icon, for years.He follows his workout regime and diet plan very seriously.

He likes to eat healthily, and believes that you are what you eat. According to him, ninety percent of the job is done through diet, and ten percent through exercise. And he makes sure that he’s following a well-balanced diet.

For his protein intake, he prefers having egg whites, chicken, and protein shakes. He takes 100 grams of meat every day.

His carbohydrate menu includes oats, sweet potato, pasta, brown rice, and for Omega 3 fatty acids, he prefers omega oil.

For regular fibre, mineral and vitamin intake, he depends upon fibrous carbs, sprouts, broccoli, and spinach.

He tries to limit his sugar and sodium intake and stays hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day.

His daily diet looks roughly like this:


4 egg whites, 2 brown pieces of bread, protein shake, cornflakes with milk, and a platter of fresh fruit


2 rotis, green vegetables, chicken breast, dal, caesar salad, fish platter snack, protein shake, 4 egg whites sandwich, and fruit platter


6 egg whites, brown bread, half chicken or fish with stirred vegetables.

Hrithik only satiates his hunger up to 70% and then takes a nap to let his body absorb the nutrients. He also east within 45 minutes after a workout. He uses his cheat day to fulfil his cravings of sweets and junk food.

Hrithik has specific workout plans for every day of the week, leaving one day to rest, which has been designed by his instructor, Kris Gethin.
He does 20-30 minutes of cardio exercises daily.

This is what his week at the gym looks like :

Day 1

• chest, calves, and back.
• dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell flyes, underhand cable pull, bent over barbell row, back extension, seated calf raises, and standing calf raise

Day 2

• Legs
• leg press, seated leg tucks, extension, lying leg curls, squats, etc.

Day 3

• Shoulder, calves, abs
• marble military press, side lateral raise, upright barbell row, reverse flies, weighted sit ups, seated calf raise, and standing calf raise.

Day 4

• Arms
• straight arm dumbbell pullover, cable rope triceps extension, cable lying triceps extension, standing dumbbell triceps extension, straight arm pull down, concentrated curls, dumbbell bicep curl and standard biceps cable curl.

With a strict diet and workout regime and discipline, you could have his physique, too.

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